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Personal Development
Within the Framework of Marriage

Date Your Wife for Life is a men's personal development ("middos") program based on 3,500 years of Torah wisdom.  The best place to start refining your middos is with your wife.  Naturally, good middos will help with all of your relationships.


We focus on small, daily acts of kindness—like actively listening, giving heartfelt compliments, expressing gratitude, and creating meaningful moments together.  


Your true transformation happens in the quiet moments of daily life when you commit to reviewing and practicing these principles.  

Thank you for entrusting me with the honor of guiding you. Together we'll lay the groundwork for a happier, more loving marriage. 


Warmest regards,

Scott Richards​ 



Highly Endorsed by:

Rabbi Avrohom Czapnik, Rabbi Shlomo Goldberg, Rabbi Leib Kelemen, Rabbi Yitzchak Summers, and marriage and family therapist Mrs. Debbie Summers (LMFT)


Date Your Wife for Life is not a substitute for professional therapy or counseling. While I advocate for the benefits of therapy when necessary, I am not a licensed therapist. My goal is to supplement, not replace, the specialized support that therapy can provide.

Scott Richards is a master of making the complex comprehensible. In this program, he does just this with the single greatest challenge anyone in this generation could face: Creating the ideal Torah marriage.

He presents in the simplest terms the most basic steps we must take to get our marriage on the road toward the Torah ideal.

​Rabbi Leib KelemenJerusalem


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