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Today, we are Closer than I Ever Imagined

My husband had changed so dramatically (for the better) in such a short amount of time that I believed he was unfaithful and covered it up with all the "Thank you's" and sudden interest in my daily well-being. 

He was learning with Scott about how to have a great marriage and, true to form, didn't think to share that with me. I always felt we had a good marriage with the usual ups and downs. I did not believe that marriage could be better than it already was. But I was wrong.

By learning Date Your Wife for Life with Scott, my husband grew through the Torah and became a GREAT husband in our marriage. He showed me so much more appreciation for everything I do. He showed me much more gratitude for what I brought to the relationship. He spoke to me with more loving words daily. The change to becoming attentive, appreciative, and inclusive was what I needed from him, but I didn't even know how to express that.  


He has consistently demonstrated these loving behaviors, initially for months and now for years, which makes me feel more appreciative, attentive, and caring toward him.

I feel that often men can be clueless and self-absorbed regarding their wife's emotional needs.  Men are just not wired that way. This lack of awareness ultimately leads to distance and dissatisfaction between husband and wife. Date Your Wife for Life teaches, through Torah, how to make a woman feel valued and cherished. When a wife feels her husband's deep love, the whole home environment shares in that glow, and arguments are virtually non-existent. 


Today, we are closer to each other than I ever imagined. We have become each other's best friends.


The Ultimate Marriage Hack

Date Your Wife for Life is the ultimate marriage hack. As a fortunate student of "Date Your Wife for Life", I learned that a few keys really do unlock the difference between a happy wife and an unhappy life. The good news is that it's actually easy. The bad news is that it's not intuitive for us guys. This is not therapy. You can use time-tested tools immediately to make your wife happy. This is the class they didn't teach you in college - or in yeshivah!"


I will be Forever Indebted to you

When I committed to my wife I knew she would help me grow and experience life to the fullest. However, I had no idea how to maximize the power of such a relationship and ensure we had the best chance at building a beautiful, meaningful, and lasting life together rooted in Torah values. Date Your Wife for Life is a very simple yet powerful and effective tool that helped my wife and I start off on the right foot. The skills I learned continue to carry us in the right direction 4 years, 3 moves, 2 children, and 1 graduate degree later. The course is set up in a very practical format: stop doing things that harm relationships, start giving her what she really wants, connect with her on a deeper level, and lead her in the right direction by sharing and exploring timeless teachings of Torah and Jewish wisdom. I will be forever indebted to you.


"The Basic Paradigm I had about Marriage was not Correct"

Scott Richards' program, Date Your Wife for Life, changed my life because it changed my perception of how I should behave in my marriage. The changes in my behavior were so remarkable and quick that she questioned my motivation. However, it turned out that it was the actual course, "Date Your Wife for Life," I had been doing with Scott Richards privately, without telling her, that had made the significant changes in me--this is the truth.


I wanted to be more sensitive and caring toward my wife, more than I'd been in my first marriage. Still, when any conflict arose between us, I walked away feeling that my wife didn't understand me, nor did she care enough about me. Enters Scott Richards. He said that he had a program, the basis of which was from Sinai (the Torah). He taught me "Date Your Wife for Life." Scott guided me through a series of steps designed to change my perspective on:

  1. What is the purpose of marriage?

  2. How and why is my wife's perspective different from mine?

  3. What does my wife want in our marriage?

  4. What should I be looking for in our relationship? 

I discovered that the basic paradigm I had about marriage was not correct. Scott helped me to see my wife in an entirely different way. "Date Your Wife for Life" helped me construct goals and paradigms for our marriage that I could use daily. And the most beautiful thing of all: it was all done through the precepts of our Torah. I am convinced of the truth of the program because, once again, its source is Sinai.


Scott is an excellent teacher: patient, enthusiastic, and knowledgeable. He's sensitive and a very comfortable guy to spend time with. He was excited for me to grow in my love and appreciation for my wife. He was an excellent listener and responded thoughtfully to my questions.


I always felt that Scott instinctively knew what I was going through and could supply me with the tools to be a better husband. This program helped me become the kind of husband my wife is now excited to be with, share her life with, and deal successfully with life's challenges together in harmony.


Everything good starts at home. A good marriage is second only to a good relationship with the Master of the Universe. The adage: "Happy wife, happy life" is true…Date Your Wife for Life with Scott Richards is a fantastic and exciting way to achieve the precious goal of living life within a happy marriage.


I had Plenty of Room to Grow to make our Good Marriage Great

Scott is upbeat and very approachable. He taught me practical, common-sense Torah principles about marriage.  

I am happily married to my beautiful wife of 14 years. However, after taking Date Your Wife for Life, I realized I had plenty of room to grow to make our good marriage great.  Within about 5-weeks of practicing, my wife said the most beautiful thing to me, "Honey, the most important thing in my life is to be the best wife in the entire world to you."   That says everything to me.  


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