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Originally inspired by the teachings of Rav Noach Weinberg z’l, the founder of Aish HaTorah,  Date Your Wife for Life has been further enriched by the 15 years I learned in the International Association of Mussar Vaadim under Rabbi Leib Kelemen and the 30+ years of invaluable Torah and mussar guidance I received Rav Yitzchak Summers.​  


Since marrying my dear wife Lisa in 1984, we've been blessed with wonderful children and grandchildren. Our mutual love for the outdoors often leads us to adventure on our electric bikes and relish the beauty of hiking trails. Together, we also find joy in both learning and teaching the profound beauty and wisdom of the Torah.​  


Professionally, I have built and sold three companies as a CEO for over 25 years. Now, I consult for businesses and coach CEOs.    


Personally, my passion for the past two decades has been coaching men to have happier, more loving marriages.

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